Meet the newcomers: Hajar Hajeb

July 14, 2023| news

Get to know Hajar Hajeb– an Italian student who has joined the Embrace Project in Prato!

Why did you decide to participate in Embrace?

I knew about the project thanks to my high school Italian teacher. She knew and I knew that our city has some problems that need to be solved and I just wanted to help, I wanted to make Prato a better place for all the citizens and make things easier for newcomers. 

What do you think about the activities you have been joining so far?

They were great. I’ve learned a lot of things, I’ve improved some skills, learnt about new people and they’re outlook on life. It was also very funny. 

What’s the most important result of Embrace in your opinion?

The round table with citizens of all kinds, ready to make their city a better place to live in. The collection of ideas and the support of decision-makers in making everything real is what we were looking for.