Listening sessions have started!

November 2, 2022| news

Embrace is aimed at developing and experimenting collaborative moments between newcomers and policymakers, in which they talk and work together about the concerns brought by the newcomers, firsthand. We have organized Listening Sessions to gather inputs and recommendations from newcomers. Then, they will share those with policymakers in face-to-face meetings and decide together which topics can be worked on to co-create solutions. The findings and the process will be systematized in the Toolkit for Active Migrant Participation, which contains the European Booklet.

Listening sessions are focus groups organized with different groups of newcomers with the goal of accessing their experience and recommendations regarding the procedures of hosting and integration in their new country. Their knowledge is collected and later organized and shared with policymakers with the goal of contributing to the decision-making processes.

The methodology applied to this activity is designed by our portuguese partner ComParte.