Emerging Leaders training has started!

October 18, 2022| news

The Emerging Leaders Training Program, developed and held by our French partner Place Network, has officially started.

The training is a learning  journey to develop the vision of newcomers on how how they want to contribute to strategic networks and leading organizations. 

They will learn to apply best practices in the public leadership sector in practical, real-world situations. They will also nurture their sense of initiative to make their mark in their future work environments.

The curricula include also challengesonline, live 2.5h events where the participants showcase their skills in real-world scenarios. Their performance is evaluated by experts in a live, online 1.5h Feedback Sprint a few days later. The output of the challenge builds their own professional portfolio  as leaders. The training is open to 55 newcomers from 11 territories of the 6 countries involved in the Embrace project, who are part of the so-called Migrant local taskforces (MILTs). The session will last from October 2022 to June 2023.

The Emerging Leaders programs foresees also a study visit in Paris, to be held in June 20223, and the chance, for the participants, to join an internship in a public entity, located where they live.