Embrace Project’s partners: ZRC SAZU

August 5, 2022| news

ZRC SAZU is a leading research and educational centre in Slovenia, mainly in the humanities and social science. More than three hundred researchers work within eighteen interconnected institutes that create a dynamic transdisciplinary research network


Why did you choose, as an organization, to join Embrace?

Migrant political participation is a pretty underdeveloped topic of migrant integration in Slovenia. Even though it is a significant issue, there have not been many types of research or project addressing participation in the past. As a research institution, we always seek to view integration processes from various angles and perspectives, so to be part of a project that tackles the issue of participation, not only in theoretical but also in an applicative nature is very welcoming.


What is your role in the project ?

We are in charge of developing and implementing an evaluation and monitoring system, with which the partners will analyse and assess the activities and the project impact.


What outcomes do you expect the project to achieve?

We aim to co-create improved communication and cooperation between the decision-makers, policymakers and migrant communities in housing, labour market, education and language learning. Our long-term outcome is to help start a migrant-led initiative that would tackle participation at a local level.