Embrace Project’s partners: Municipality of Prato

August 26, 2022| news

Prato is an Italian municipality located in Tuscany. Hosting 44,507 foreign citizens out of a total of 194,312, it is the city with the highest percentage of foreign citizens in Italy (22.9%), coming from 125 different countries. Prato has a long tradition of welcoming and including citizens with migratory background, and it has developed over time an integrated and systemic approach at local level.

Why did you choose, as a municipality, to join Embrace?

To ensure that the migration issue is not seen as minority both at the political-decision-making level and at the level of perception by citizenship, by working on this awareness and for a better predisposition to discussion.

What is your role in the project ?

The Municipality of Prato is carrying out the experimentation by involving newcomers and decision makers to improve the communication and the exchange of ideas, opinions, proposals on integration policies, through meetings, listening sessions, workshops.

What outcomes do you expect the project to achieve?

The Municipality of Prato expects to raise the active participation of newcomers and their self-confidence in playing a key role in the process of designing integration policies.